Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am sorry I have not posted for many months now. As you know the economy is terrible in this country (thanx, GWB) and the company I worked for downsized and outsourced my entire department to overseas. It was a disaster which hastened the company's fall but already I had moved to another city and taken on a new job. The new job was also a disaster. The new company knew I had moved my entire life there and could not afford to move again so they took advantage of that to pay me less than promised. I could not afford to not take the job so I went to work there and had to take on a second night job to pay debts. I have now moved on to yet another job and have built my savings back to the point where I could ditch the second job. I will now have more time to work on this site.

My interest in Angela Aames has not diminished. In the time I could spare I have continued to research. Her former boy friend continues to refuse to speak with me even though I assure him my intentions are honorable and serious. I have interviewed a few friends and also obtained new photos of her. This will all be featured here soon. Thank you for your patience and I would appreciate it if you could spread word about this blog on the net.