Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fairy Tales

Angela's first Hollywood movie was "Fairy Tales" (1978) directed by Harry Hurwitz under another name and produced by the well known sleazemeister Charles Band. Angela said in an interview that she was not paid the amount she was promised and that Hurwitz was the only male on the crew who did not try to grope or proposition her. Her main complaint though was that she agreed to appear topless in the movie but on the set was told that it would have to be fully nude. Afraid of walking off her first Hollywood job, she agreed. It was not the nudity that bothered her so much as the fact that it was forced upon her. She said she would have agreed to the full nudity if it has been part of the original promise and also if she had been paid the fee that was agreed upon.

"Fairy Tales" (also known as "Adult Fairy Tales") is a harmless little R-rated movie with catchy songs and some cute comedy including an appearance by "Professor" Irwin Corey. Angela did not like her role much because she thought it was a dumb blonde role and also because she was heavier in the film than she liked. She said that she saw it only once in a theater and immediately went home and signed up for a gym to work on her weight and thighs.

I saw the film when it was first released and didn't think much of it or of Angela. Later, after I became a fan of hers, I viewed it again with more a little more enjoyment.