Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Angela the Biker

Here is a picture of Angela on a motorcycle. I am not sure where it is from but it may have been from when she was on the TV series, B.J. and the Bear.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am sorry I have not posted for many months now. As you know the economy is terrible in this country (thanx, GWB) and the company I worked for downsized and outsourced my entire department to overseas. It was a disaster which hastened the company's fall but already I had moved to another city and taken on a new job. The new job was also a disaster. The new company knew I had moved my entire life there and could not afford to move again so they took advantage of that to pay me less than promised. I could not afford to not take the job so I went to work there and had to take on a second night job to pay debts. I have now moved on to yet another job and have built my savings back to the point where I could ditch the second job. I will now have more time to work on this site.

My interest in Angela Aames has not diminished. In the time I could spare I have continued to research. Her former boy friend continues to refuse to speak with me even though I assure him my intentions are honorable and serious. I have interviewed a few friends and also obtained new photos of her. This will all be featured here soon. Thank you for your patience and I would appreciate it if you could spread word about this blog on the net.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I have been too busy moving my residence lately to update the blog but this will change. I have also been in correspondence with one of Angela's old boy friends who is so far refusing to be interviewed but I think I can convince him to cooperate. In the mean time, here is a link to one of my favorite photos of Angela. http://www.vegasretro.com/glamour/13_angela_aames_1.html

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friends of Angela, Part 1

After I became interested in Angela's life and career, I began writing to people who knew her on the internet and asking questions. No one had a bad word to say about her but many declined to say much of anything to me. Most of what I was able to learn was off the record. One of her male friends refused to tell me anything despite my assurance that I was not interested in scandal or dirt and just wished to celebrate her life. He said he didn't want to reopen old memories or to as he put it "infringe on her family's peace". Despite this I did manage to learn a lot.

One of her film costars Raven de la Croix from "The Lost Empire" said in an interview that is available on the internet that Angela's death may have been related to cocaine and alcohol. All of the people who knew her better who would comment said that was ridiculous. One said she might believe prescription drugs especially for weight loss were involved but not cocaine.

Several told me that none of the real names given for her on the internet were correct. Her married name was either Angela Haugland or Angela Haughland but the marriage appears to have been briefer than reported, though she was married at the time of her death.

Angela drove a gold colored Porsche that was a gift from a wealthy gentleman who had courted her but they broke up. At one point she had to go to the police because a former suitor was stalking her by a private detective. It is not known if this was the same person who gave her the Porsche. The one time I met her which I will describe later she was in the company of a boy friend who one friend said had "rescued" her from the stalker but she could not elaborate. The boy friend is among those who have refused to be interviewed by me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Angela's second movie was worse than the first. It was called "H.O.T.S." and it was a cheap R-rated version of "National Lampoon's Animal House" with lots of nudity. The film starred several Playboy Playmates, Susan Kiger, Lisa London, Pamela Jean Bryant and Kimberly Cameron. Angela played Boom-Boom Bangs, who was famous for guess what. In one scene, she had to skydive topless into a fancy pool party. In another, she took a bath with a seal. In the film's silly climax, the girls in one sorority challenged the girls in another to a strip football team where each time one team scored a goal, the other team had to take off an item of clothing. Angela mysteriously disappeared from the screen during this scene. She's in some shots and not in others as if she was absent from some of the filming.

It was another bad movie and Angela had no chance to show off her acting ability, just her boobs. The best performance in the movie was given by Lindsay Bloom as the bitchy leader of the rival sorority. Bloom later starred on the Mike Hammer TV show as Velda. Angela filmed one episode of the Mike Hammer show but her role was left on the cutting room floor due to time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fairy Tales

Angela's first Hollywood movie was "Fairy Tales" (1978) directed by Harry Hurwitz under another name and produced by the well known sleazemeister Charles Band. Angela said in an interview that she was not paid the amount she was promised and that Hurwitz was the only male on the crew who did not try to grope or proposition her. Her main complaint though was that she agreed to appear topless in the movie but on the set was told that it would have to be fully nude. Afraid of walking off her first Hollywood job, she agreed. It was not the nudity that bothered her so much as the fact that it was forced upon her. She said she would have agreed to the full nudity if it has been part of the original promise and also if she had been paid the fee that was agreed upon.

"Fairy Tales" (also known as "Adult Fairy Tales") is a harmless little R-rated movie with catchy songs and some cute comedy including an appearance by "Professor" Irwin Corey. Angela did not like her role much because she thought it was a dumb blonde role and also because she was heavier in the film than she liked. She said that she saw it only once in a theater and immediately went home and signed up for a gym to work on her weight and thighs.

I saw the film when it was first released and didn't think much of it or of Angela. Later, after I became a fan of hers, I viewed it again with more a little more enjoyment.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Discover Angela

I probably first saw Angela in her first movie which was called "Fairy Tales" and which I will cover in the next installment. As I will explain there, I did not pay much attention to her. Her next film which I will also cover soon was called "HOTS" and the less said about that one, the better. Soon however I saw her beginning to appear in TV guest shots and these allowed her fine comedy abilities to show through. I became a fan of hers and made it a point to collect everything I could find about her and to catch any appearance she made on TV. I was fortunate enough to meet her only once and only for a brief moment which I will describe in a future installment. It confirmed what others told me and have since told me which was that she was very sweet and even more lovely in person than in any of her movies or photos.